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Driving Through DEEP Standing Water


“you dflretouqtdeltlythrough deeppudrllesor standingwntet,wetereenenmeinthmughyonr

engine’s air Intake and badly damage your engine. If you can’t avoid deep puddles or standing water, drive through them very slowly.

Engine Coolant Heater (Option) NOTICE:

In very eold weather D“ F (—13” C] or colder. the engine Mite . used th ool . . ant her-ale , be sure to coolant-ham can help. You ll get easier sternng and r Elm] Tel it we a before to kezp it away

better fuel economy during engine warm-up. Usually. the coolant heater should be plugged in e minimum of from moving engine W3- you don’t, It eould

four hours prior to starting your vehicle. be damaged- Tb use Ihe coolant heater:

_ How long should you keep the coolant heater plugged L Tm“ “H 1h“ engtne. in? The answer depends on the weather. the kind of oil

2. Open the hood and unw'rap the electrical card. you have, and some other things. instead of trying to list everymhing here, we as}: that you contact your Buick

3' Plug it into 3 normal. Wu“! I I'D—w“ ““"fl' dealer in the area where you‘ll be parking your 1.rehicle. The dealer can give you the best edyiee for that

particular urea. _______————— __—_—_——————-— 2-15

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