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To start your L4 engine: floor and holding it there as you hold the key in START For ahnu1 three seconds. This clears the extra gasoline from the engine. If the car starts briefly but then stops again. do the same thing, but this time keep the pedal about one-quarter of the way down for five or six seconds.

I. Without pushing the accelerator pedal. turn your ignition key to STAR‘I'. When the engine starts. let go of the key. The idle speed will go down as your engine gets wann.


Holding your key In STA RT for longer than NOTICE.

Your Engine is dmlgned ta wot-it with the electronics in your vehicle. If you add electrical parts or accessories, you oouid change the way the fuel injection system operates. Before adding electrical equipment, check with your dealer. Il.’

15 seconds at a time 1will cause your battery to be drained much sooner. And the excessive heat can damage your starter motor.

2. If it doesn‘t sLan right away. and if the weather is

, . very cold {below JD“ F. or 49" Cl. push the you don 1‘ your engine might not perform accelerator pedal about one-quarter of the way down PWP'EFIT- while you turn the key to STA. RT, Do this until the H you ever have to have your 1Itelilit'le lowed, see engine starts. As soon as it does. let go of the key. the part of this manual that tells how to tie it

3. If your engine slill won't start {or starts. but then without “Waging your which See ”WMHE stops}. it could be flooded with too much gasoline. Your VEMEIE” in the Index.

Try pushing your accelerator pedal all the way to the


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