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LOCK tBt: Before you put the key in. your ignition 1drill be in the LOCK position. This position locks your ignition. steering wheel and n'ansttitle. It's: a theft deterrent feature.

OFF {C}: This position lets you turn on the engine but still turn the slccring wheel. It eloesn'l lock the steering wheel like IDCK. Use OFF if you must have your car in motion while the engine is off.

RUN {D}: This is this position for driving. START [E]: This key position starts your engine.


If your key seems sludt in LUCK and ynu: can't. turn it. he sure it is ill] the way in. [f it is, then turn the steering wheel left and right while you

turn the key hard. But turn the key only with your hand. Using a tool to force it could break the. key or the ignition switch. II“ none will this

works, then your vehicle needs service.


Starting Your Engine

Engines start differently. The 8th digit of your Vehicle Identification Number {VIN}! shows the code letter or number for your engine. You will find the VIN at the top left of your instmment panel. (See "Vehicle Identification Number” in the Induxj Follow the proper steps to start the engine.

Move your shift lever to PARK {P} or NEU'i‘RAL {N J. Your engine Won‘t start in any other position —— that's a.

safety l'eutu re. To restart when you‘re already moving. use NEUTRAL EN) only.


Don't try to shift to PA RK {P} it your Buick in

moving. If you do. you oould damage the transflxle. Slim tn PARK [Pl tinly when your vehicle is stopped.

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