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The driver's door will unlock automatically when UNLOCK ia Fret-met]. II‘UNLUCK is pressed twice quickly. all doors will unlock. All of the doors will loci: when DUDE is pressed. The trunk will unlock anvu me the opened trunk symbol is pressed ifthe ignitinn is nfi'. If the igniliva is ON, the trunk will unlock if the

nan saxle is in NEUTRAL {N} or FARE-((1‘).

Matching Transmitter-{5} To Your Vehicle

Each key chain transmitter is ceded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle. If a transmitter in lat-rt m" atnlt’m, a replaeernent can be purchased thmugl'l your dealer. Remember to bring an):r remaining transmitters with you when you go to your dealer. When

the dealer matches the replacement transmitter tn your vehiele. the remaining transmitters must also be

matched. Once the new transmitter is coded. the lust transmitter will not unlock your vehicle.

Yeti can match a transmitter to as many different vehicles. as. yen awn. provided die I; are equipped with «merry rhr same model system. {General Meters nffere several dilil’erent mtldela of lhese systems on their

vehicles.) Each vehicle can have unly twn transmitters matched to it.

See your dealer to match transmitters to another vehicle.


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