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Rear Door Security Look

Your Buick may be equipped Twith rear door security locks that help prevent passengers from opening the rear doors of your on: from the inside. To use one of drone locks:

|. Use a key to move the lock all the way up.

2.. Close the door.

3. Do the same thing to the other rear door lock.

The rear doors of your vehicle cannot be opened from inside when this feature is in use. If you want to open a rear door when the security lock is on:

L Unlock the door from the inside. 2. Then open the door from the outside.

If you don't cancel the security lock feature. adults or older children who ride in the rear won‘t be able to open the rear door from the inside. You should let edulut and older children know how these security locks work. and how to cancel the locks.

re cancel the rear door look:

I. Unlock the door From the inside and open the door from the outside.

2. Use a key to move the lock all the way down. 3. Do the same for the other rear door.

The rear door locks will now work normally.

Loafing Your Vehicle

[1' you are leaving the vehicle. take your keys. open your door and set the looks from inside. Then get out and close the door.

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