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Power Door Lacks

Press the [.H’JWEI‘ door luck switch It: luck or unlock all the doom; at once.

Automatic Duur Locks

1qu L'IUFGC ynur dnnrs and turn on the ignition. All of your doors 1.tr'ill luck what] you move your Shift lever mm M PARK {Pi 0r NEUTRAL {N}. If Humming need-t In gct nul while the H'Ehicle it: running. have that person use the manual (11' fume-r luck. If the shift lever is NOT in PARK [Fl 01‘ NEUTRAL t-N] win-11 I111: upcnud dour lh' Bios-mil. fill EJUUTH will he lucked when tht: dim-r i5 clnsed. Ii" Iht: shift lever is in PARK EP} nr NEUTRAL (Ni when the opened door is aimed. all doors will he locked when you shift out of PARK [Pi ur NEUTRAL tN}. All dams will automatically unluck. when the ignition is turn OFF. The automatic dour unlock featurt: can be defeated by I'CI'llfl'tt'iIIg flu: UNLK rum; 1’ IflA) frnrn the vehicle Flute block. See “Fuse-.5 and Circuit Breaklers" in the index.

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