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Replacing Seat and Restraint System Parts After 3 Crash

if yuuivc had :1 crash. tit: you need new belts?

After a 1{er},r minor collision. nothing may be necessary. But if the bells were stretched. as they would be it went during a more severe crash. then yen need new belts.

If you ever see a label on a right front safety belt that says to replace the belt, be sure [u dt: so. Then lite new belt will be there In help protect you in an accident Yen would see this label on the bell near the Intel: plate.

If belts are cut or damaged. replace them. Collision damage else may mean yen will need Lt:- have safety belt cur seat pans repaired nr replaced. New parts and repairs may be necessary even if the belt wasn‘t being used at the time of the collision.

if your seat adjuster wnn't work after a crash. the special part at the safety belt ma: goes through the seat to the adjuster may need to be replaced.


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