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Safety Belt Extender

If lite 1rehiele‘s safety belt will fasten around you. you should use it. The front seat lap-shoulder belts have plenty of extra length built in. so they will fit almost all


But if a safety belt isn't long enough to fasten. your dealer will order you an extender. It‘s free. When you go in to order it. Luke the heaviest enat you will wear. so the extender will be long enough For you. The extender will hejust for you. and just for the seat in ynur vehicle that you choose. Don’t let stimeone else use it. and use it only for the seat it is made to fit. To wear it. just attach it in U1E regular safety belt.


Checking Your Restraint Systems

Now and then. make sure all your belts. buckles. latch platen reflectors. anchorages and warning systems are working properly. Look for any other loose or damaged restraint system pan-la. IF you see anything that might keel: a reatmi nt system from doing its job. have it repaired.

Torn or frayed belts may not protect you in a crash. They can rip apart under impact forces. Ife belt is turn or frayed. get a new one right away.

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