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9. Th make it tight, gull the belt while you push dawn 'Ih remove the imnflehllfl seat restraint: on the thud mtramt. If the belt won T' stay fight. 1. Push the button cm the safer},r belt buckle and move

”m“ 1‘ ““1 5‘“ “CL the special 1mm plate. Leave the latch plate on the Special belt.

“1 Push and pull the child restraint in difFerent

directions to be sure it is secure. 2. Push the spring on the heck near the door and

lemme the special belL

3. Put the belt away in a safe [flaw in your vehicle, so it won’t fly around in a crash and injure someone.

4. Remember it:- reattach the automatic belt again, once the child munint is removed. Be sure it isn‘t twisted.


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