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Securing a Child Restraint il] 3 Rear Ifthe shoulder hell gnes in front of the child's fttce or

Outside Seat FDSilifll‘l net-It, put it behind the child restraint.

4. Buckle the belt. Mt: he sure the release hutttm i5 [HM-tillfll'ltll su you would be able to unbuckle the safety belt quickly if yuu ever hutl to.

You'll be using The ]ap—t-thnulder belt. See the earlier part about The top strap if the child restraint has one.

I. Put llnt: restrujnl urn Iht: seat. Follow the instructions for the chitd restraint.


Secure the child in the child restraint at; the inslnsclions say.

3. Pick up the latch plate. and run the lap and shoulder pnrtiuns el' the vehicle's safety belt through or around 1.11:: restraint. Thu child restraint instructions will shnw you htrw. Tait IJ'It: latch plate in adjust The belt if needed.

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