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Walter Marr and Hum Buick

Euick‘s chief engineer. Walter L. Mart {left}. and Thomas D. Buick. son of founder David Dunbar Buick, drove the first Flint Buick in a successful Flint-Derek round trip in July 19M.

David Buick was building gasoline engines by 1899, and Mart. his engineer, apparently built the first auto to be called a Buick in I900. However; Buick traditionally doles its beginnings m 1903. That was the year the company was rmrgsnized. refinanced and moved from Delmit to Him Buick has always been a product innovator. Buick engineers developed the


"valve—in-head" engine1 a light, powmfui and reliable engine which would eventually influence the entire automotive industry.

William C. Durant was instrumental in promoting Buicks across the e-zuuntq.r using his Durant-Dun Carriage Co. ouflets and salespeople as the nucleus ol'a gisnl distribution system. He knew the Buick as a “self-seller". If automobiles could be this good. he thought. maybe it was time It) switch from the horse and bu ggy business to automobiles.

AT. the 1905. New York Auto Show. Durant took orders for Lil-DU Buicks before the strontium,I had built 4D. (In Buick’s success. Durant created a holding company. September lb. [903. He called it General Motors.

William C. {Billy} Duran:

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