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lap-Shoulder 11211

The positions mm to [he windows haw lap-slmuldur balls. ngc’s hnw m wear nnu pmperly.

[f the belt steps before it reaches UH: buckle. fill. the latch plfltt and keep puHing unli] you can buckle it.

Pull up 0|] 111:: Mich plat: In make sure it is. secure.

”I111: belt lH nnt Jung ennugh. REE “Safety Belt Exmndur" at LE'H: end :11" Ihis section. Make mm the _ _ _ _ rclcam: bullun un I111: buckle 1'5 pnsitinnecfi so you

31. Pufih 131:: lulth plan: ll'IIll- lhr: buckle unul It E'hE‘kfi. would be able m unbuckle lhu Safer}. belt quickiv if y'uu ever had m.

|. Pick up the latch plate and pull the. be]: across you. Dnn‘t let it get twisted.

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