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0 Adjust the seat [In see how. we "Scum" in th: Index]: Rear Seat Passengers 5:: Emu can Hit up straight. Move your seat far enough

furward [hm your feel much the Pan til" the car that is “'5 “355' imF'm‘mi I'm rear 5‘3“ passengers “7’ buckle ”13'1

cailcd um "mu-hoard" (A). That way you'd tic-125+: Amid“ gratis-tics 511”“ "131 “flbcllfid WW“E in the mar likaly m nine under the [up but! in a crash. seat a“! hurt "10": “It“ in Emmi-"v "1"" “1““?— Wh" ”If

wearing safety belts.

Rear pamungers who aren't Hafsty belted can he Lhm-wn out of the vehicle in a crash. And may can strike others in the vehicle who are wearing 5:1wa helm.

Rear Seat Outside Passenger Positions

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