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Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy

Safety belts work for eyeryorte+ including pregnant women. Like all occupants. they are more likely to be seriously injured if they don‘t wear safety belts.

A pregnant woman should wear a lap-shoulder bell. and the lap portion should be worn as low as possible throughout the pregnancy.

The best way to protect the fetus is to protect the mflfl'lm'. When a Safety belt is worn properly, it's more likely that the fetus won’t be hurt in a crash. For pregnant women, as far anyone, the key to making safety belts effective is wearlng them pmperly.

Right Front Passenger Position

was yuur Buick first sold. when new. in Canada? {If it was. a sticker on the drivers door will say “conforms to all applicable Canada moror vehicle . . . etc.) 11‘ so. then this "Righl Front Passenger Position“ part doesn‘t apply to your 1vehicle. To learn how to use your right front passenger pusifiun salieiy belts, read the Canadian Owneris Manual Safety Belt Supplement. It comes with every new Buick first sold in Canada.

The right from passenger‘s safety belt works the same way as the driver‘s safety belt. See “Driver Positiont” earlier in this section.

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