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i The air bag is designed to inflate only once. After it Servicing Yuur Air Bug-Equipped Buick

inflates1 you'll need some new parts For your air bag . . . system. If you don't get them. the air bag system The air bag afiects how your Bmel: should be servmed.

won‘t be thereto help protect you in another crash. There are parts of the air bag system In say-mad places

A neu.r system will include the air bag module and around your “Ilium You don't want the system to

- . inflate while someone is working on your vehicle. Your $133623: flaw: H 05312231313233; W Buick dealer and the 1995 Skylark Service Manual how:

information about servicing your vehicle and the air bag

0 Your vehicle is equipped with a diagnostic moduiu. syslcm. To purchase a service manual, see ”Service which records lufonnation about Ihe air has system. Publications." in Us: Index. The air bag system does not The module records infonuatioo about the readiness need mguIar maintenance.

of the system, when the sensors are aelivatod and driver's safety belt usage at deployment.

0 Let only qualified technicians work on your air bag sy stem. improper service can mean [hat your air bag system won't work properly. See your dealer for service.

NOTICE: If you damage lthe cover [or the driver‘s air bag.

It may not work properly. You may have lo replace Il1e air bag module. Do not up- or break the air bag oover.


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