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How the Air Bag System Works

When: is [he illl." bag?

The driverk air hug is in Ihc middle ul' U11: slewing wheel.

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“'Il'IEI'I should an air bag lnflate’.’

The air bag js designed tu- inl'luic in mtulcrult: l0 sex-ere frmual ur “car-frontal crashes. The air hag will inllaLc unly if 111: impucl speed is above {he system's dastgned “threshold level." If your vuhiclc guns suulghl intu :I. wall tlm: doesn’t move or deform. the Ihrcl-lhuld im-cl l.» about 9 10 [15 mph (I4 m 215 klw'hJ. The threshold level can vary: huwcwr. with 5pccil'ic vehicle daslgn. m that ii can he Humewhat thm—‘c ur hulnw “1&5 range. lf your vehicle alrlkeb Something thul will name nr tlcl'urm. Nut}: .15 a parked car. the threshold level will be higher. The air bug in um designed to inflate lll rullm—‘ers. side impacts. or run: itnpflclh‘. lJCCEIlIfiI.‘ lI'Il’lEIliIJII would I10! help lhu tmcupanL.


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