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Roadside Assistance

Buick Mousr Division is proud to offer Buick Roadside Assistance to customers for vehicles covered under the 36 men $406,000 rru'ie new car warranty i whichever comes firsl}.

Our commitment to Buick owners has always included superior service through our network of 30.10 Buick dealers. Buick Roadside Assistance provides an exlra measure of convenience and security.

Buick Roadside Assistance:

- PTovides owners Iwith access to minor repairs or towing for disabled uei'licies.

Takes the anxietyr out of uncertain situations by providing easy access to service professionals trained to Work widt Buick owners, 24 hours a day. 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays.

For details on Buick Roadside Assistance, please consult

your Buick Roadside Assistance owner hookiet included with your owner ‘5 manual. For needed assistance call

the Buick Roadside Assistance tollvfree hotline: 1-300-352-1 I I2.


Canada Roadside Assistance

Vehicles purchased in Canada have an extensive Roadside Assistance program accessible from anywhere in Canada or the United States. Please refer to the separate brochure pnwided by the dealer or call J-Eflfl-Efifiwfififlfl for emergency,r services.

Service and Owner Publications

Service manuals. service bulletins. owner‘s manuals and other service literature are avaiiable for purchase for all current and many past model General Motors vehicles.

Toll-tree telephone numbers for ordering information:

U.5. l—iifliII-i‘r I 41 | 23 Canada I —S{Il—fifi3—55 39

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