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“findshield GM Optikleenm Washer Solvent

Washer Snivenl {GM Part Nu. lflfilfilfil er equivalent.

Head Latch


3. Evan: and Spring Anchor

b. Release Fawl

3. Engine oil.

12-. Chassis iuhrieunl {GM Pan Nn. I05249'i' er equivalent} or lubricant meeting requirements nl‘ NLfCJ-l Grade 2. (:fllfigfli’)’ LB or GC-LB.

Hood and Dmir Engine nil ur Lubriplute Lubricant

Hinges {GM Pan Mn. lilfifll U9}.

Trunk Hinges Engine oil or Lubripiate Lubricant {GM Part No. 1050109).



Fuel Flller Deer Chassis lubricant {GM Part Ne.

Hinge and “15249? Dr equiwlent] or

Striker Plunger lubricant meeting requirements; of NLGI Grade. 2. Camgnry LB or GC-LB.

Wealhersirip Dielectrie Silicone Grease {GM Cnndirionin Part No. 12345539 or e uivalent}.

See "Specifications Chart" in the index for recnmmended replneemenl fillers1 valves and spark


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