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At has: Dace a Year Starter 5mm:

Kn: Luck Cylinders

Lubricant the 1m}! luck cylinders with Eh: lubricant specified in Part D.

Body lubrication

Lnbricat: all body dour hinges. Also lubricate all hinges and latches, intruding those: for [11: hand, trunk lid, glove bur. dam and (muscle: 11001: Part D tcfls you what ]_ 13¢an 1'5“ start. he sure you have mug} room to use. Mare frequent lubrication may he required whim around the which

I tn 3 CDl'l'flEWE an "L 2. Firmly.T apply built the parking brake (see "Parking Brake" in the Index if necessary} and tha regular brake.

NOTE: DI:- rmt use the accelerator pedal, and be ready to turn Dfi the engine immudinmly if it 5m.

3. Try tostartfiw :ngjm: in each gantfl‘hesflrter shrnrhi work only in PARK [P] or NEUTRAL (N). If the starter works in any rather position. your vehicle mantis swims.


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