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Part B: Owner Cheeks and Services

Listed below are owner chmkx and services which should be porter-med at the intervals specified to help ennure lht: safety. dependability and emission control perfomtttnee of your 1rehiele.

Be sure any necessary repairs: are completed at once. Whenever any fluids or lubricants are added to your

vehicle. make sure they are the proper tines. ex shown in Part D.

At Each Fuel Fill

It n- imporrwttjbrjmn or n' sert't't'e station attendant to perform these underlined rheolo- at eeehjhel'fill.

Engine Di] Level

Cheek the engine oil level and add the proper oil it necessary. See “Engine Oil“ in the Index for further details.

Engine Coolant LeveJ

Check the engine coolant. level and add the proper eooient mix it‘neeessary. See “Coolant“ in the index for further details.


Windshield Washer Fluid Level

Check the windshield waslmr fluid level in the windshield washer tank and add the proper fluid if necessary. See "Windshield Washer Fluid" in the Index for further details.

At Least Dnee a Month

The Inflation

Cheek tire inflation. Make sure tires are inflated to the pressu reg. specified on the Tire- Lending Information label located on the rear edge of the driver's door. See “Tues“ in the index for further details.

Calixefle Deck

Clean cassette dock. Cleaning should be clone every 5:] been of tape ploy. See "Audio Systetnx" in the index for for! her details.

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