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Maintenanee Schedule ll

82,500 Miles (I37 500 km} 90,000 Miles (150 000 km.)

E Change engine oil and filter (or every [I Change engine oil and filter [or evergrr l2 months. whichever occurs first}. IE months, whichever occurs first). An Emission Control Service. An Emission Centre! Service.

|'_l Lubricate the suspension. steering linkage l'_' Luhrieate lhe suspension. steering linkage and transaxle shift linkage {or every and transasle shil't linkage (or every 12 months. whichever occurs first]. [2 months. whichever occurs first}.

CI Rotate tires. See “Tire Inspection and :I Inspect engine accessory drive belt l[or Rotation" in the Index for proper rotation ever}r 24 months. whichever oeeurs first}. pattern and additional information. An Emission Control Service.

El Drain. flush and refill cooling system {or every 24 months. whichever occurs first}. See "Engine Coolant" in the Index for what to use. Inspect hoses. Clean radiator. condenser. pressure cap and neck. Pressure test the cooling system and pressure cap. An Emission {.‘errrml‘ Service.

AC'I‘IJAL MILEAGE senvtceo or:

—*n —— 7-33


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