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N'lztilttenanee Schedule ll

15,000 Miles (25 000 km) 22,500 Miles (3? 500 km) |:| Change engine oil and filter {ur every 3 Change engine oil and filter {or every IE months, whichever occurs first}. 1'2 mnntlts, whichever occurs first). fl}? Eminw'mt Cumml Service. An Emr'nm'rm Crmt‘mf Service. I: LubrieaLe [he euepensien, steering linkage |_| Lubrieate the suspensinn. steering linkage and trttnsaxle shift linkage tor et-‘et'y and lmnsaxle shift linkage {or every l2 munlhs. whiehever neeure firelJ. 12 monthsr whichever occurs final}.

[:I RnLate tires. See “Tire Inspection and RnLatinn“ in the Index fer proper rotation pattern and addiLiennl infnnnatie-n.


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