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Maintenance Schedule 1

100,000 Miles {166 000 km)

IJ Replace spark plugs {2.3L Cede D engine When doing frequent trailer towing. only}. An Emission Control Service. _ Uses such as found in laxi. police [Jr

D Change automatic Lrunsaxle fluid and filler deliver},r service. if ”1‘3 vehicle is "WW!" driven under ““3 01' {f'yrm do nm‘ use your vehicle under any of more (if lJ'lesie candillflns: {Irene r:(mdii‘irm.r. thefluid min-'Jl‘ilfer do no:

in heavy city traffic where [he oulside require chm E33013 .

temperature regularly reaches 90°F {32°C} or higher.

ln hill}r or mountainous terrain.



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