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Maintenance Schedule I

90.00:? Miles use one km) {Unnamed} 93,000 Miles (155 000 km)

U inspect spark plug wires {except 2.3L. Code |:| Change engine oi] and filter {or every D engine). An Emission (Borrow.F Service. 1" 3 months. whichever occurs. first].

I: Replace air cleaner filter. Replace filter A” Emtmton Comm! 5" r "“5""

more often under dum},r condiLions. An Emile-firm C'om‘mi Service.

i_| inspect fuel tank, cap and lines for damage or leaks. lnspecl fuel cap gasket For an),r

damage. Replace pans as needed. Air Emission Cotitmi Service. 'i‘ |:| Rotate tires. Sec “Tire Inspection and

Rotation" in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional information.


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