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Maintenance Schedule I

50,000 Miles (83 000 km) 51,000 Miler (35 000 km)

r.- Change automatic traneaxte fluid and filter |:| Change engine oil and filter {or ever}.r if the vehicle is mainlyr driven under one or 3 nionthe. whichever occurs first]. more of these conditional: AH Emimimr Crmrml' Seneca".

In heavy eit},r traffic where the outside temperature regularly reaches 90°F {ETC} or higher.

ln hilly or mountainous terrain.

When doing frequent trailer towing.

Llamas such as found in taxi. notice or deliverv service

{fyou do not use your vehicle under any of there r auditions. the fluid cmdfilre. r do no; rat-quire chrmging

_ATE vtCTIJALMJLEAGE senvrenn av: ACTUAI MILEAGE ennvu; no av:


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