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Maintenance Schedule I

30,000 Miles (50 000 km)

L__l Change engine oil and filter {or every 3 months. whichever occurs first]. An Emission Conn-oi Service.

[I Lubricatc the suspension. steering linkage and trausasle shift linkage {or every 6 months. whichever occurs first}.

|:| [nepect engine accessory drive belt {or every ’24 months. whichever occurs first}. An Emission Cmm'iii Sentice.

|:l Drain. flush and refill cooling system {or every '24 months, whichever occurs first}. See “Engine Coolant" in the index for what to use. Inspect hoses. Clean radiator. condenser. pressure cap and neck. Pressure

test the cooling system and pressure cap. An

Eirtissirm Conrroi Sewice.

El Replace spark plugs {except 2.3L Code D engine}. An Emission Commi Sen'ice.

E? inspect spark plug wires (except 1.3L Code B engine}. An Emission Controi Senrice. i” D Replace air cleaner filter. Replace filter

more often under dust}r conditions. An Emission Comm! Sen'it‘e.

l:l inspect fuel tank. cap and lines for damage or leaks. inspect 1" uel cap gasket for any damage. Replace parts as needed.


Au Emission Controi Sen-ice T

El Rotate tires. See “Tire inspection and Rotation“ in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional information.

AC'I'UAL MILEAGE sstwrcen as:

—— T—ll

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