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Maintenance Schedule

Schedule 1 Definition Schedule I Intervals

Fellow Maintenance Cbchctiule I if any one ofthese Ir: [me for your vehicle:

0 Meat trips are less than i to £0 mile: {3 to to km). Thin is. particularly imp-orient when outside lernrteraturen are below freezing.

0 Most trips include extensiye idling [such 35 fi-equent driving in step and gt] tral'i'ici.

I Moral trips: are through dusly arena.

0 You frequenliy tow a trailer or Use '.| carrier on top of your car. {With some medein. you should never tow a trailer. Sec “Towing a 'I'railer" in lhe IndexJ

Schedule I should also be followed it' the vehieie in user] for delivery service. police. taxi. or other commercial application.

Eve ry 3,000 3’1le [5 000 km: or 3 Months. Whichever Occurs I-‘irnt

Engine Oil and Filter Change Every 6,000 Miler. [Ill llllll km: nrl‘i months, Whichever Occurs First

Charmin Lubrication At 6,000 Miles [10 000 km! - Then Every [2,000 Miller; {25 000 km!

Tire Rotation Every 15,000 Miles [25 000 knit

Air Cleaner Filter int-pectian. if driving in dusty uomlitionn Every 30,000 Mile-ti {50 “(HI liml

Mr Cleaner Fiiler Replacement

Spark Plug Replacement {ex cept 2.3[. Code D engine]

Spark Plug Win: IanL‘tljon (except 2.3L Code D engine}

Fuel Tank. Cap and Lines lnnpeetiun

Engine Accessory Drive Belt inspection [or every

24 ran-nthn. whichever occurs Firm] Cooling System Service for every 34 months. whichever occurs first}

Every 50,000 Miles {33 000 km}

A utnrnntic Trnnnaitlc Sen-ice [so ware conditio an only} Every 100,000 Miles: [.006 000 inn]

Spark Plug Replacement {2.3L Code D engine only;

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