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How This Section is Organized The remainder of this seclion is divided into five parts:

"Perl A: Scheduled Maintenance Sci-vices" shows what to have done and how often. Some of these services can be complex. so unless you are technically qualified and have the necessary equipment. you should let your dealer's service department or onolher qualified service cenler do these jobs.

If you are skilled enough to do some work on your vehicle. you will probably want to get the service information GM pu bushes. See "Service Pu hlicntionn“ in the Inde it.


“Part E: U‘H'Tltl' Checks and Serfioes" tells you what should be checked whenever you stop for fuel. it also explains what you can easily do to help keep your vehicle in good condition.

”Part C: Periodic Maintenance {rupectiuns“ expla i115 inlpm‘tunt inspections that your Buick dealer's service department or another qualified service center should perform.

“Part D: Recommended Fluids and Lubricants” lists some products GM recommends to help keep your vehicle properly maintained. There products. or their equivalents. should he used wherher you do the work yourself or have it done.

“Pad E: Maintenance Record" provides a place for you to record the maintenance pcrl'ormed on your vehicle. Whenever any meinntnence is perfonned. be sure to write it down in this port. This will help you derennioe when your next maintenance should he done. In addition. it is a good idea to keep your maintenance receipts. They may he needed to qualify your vehicle for warranty repairs.

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