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The headlamp wiring is pirate-cred by El. circuit breaker in the fufiehlock. An cfectrieal everldad will cause lhe lumps to go on and ul't‘, ur in some case-ii m remain off. if this happen H. have ynur headlamp wiring checked right await.

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wiper rriutur is pmlected by an internal cichil breaker and a fu re. [f the meter overheats due to heavy snow. etc“ the wiper will stop until 111:: mntnrr cools. If the Uwrlflafl is unused h].- mme electrical prflhlcm and nut snow. etc.. he sure to get it fixed.


Power Windows and Other Power Options

Circuit breakers in the fill-ll: panel protect Ihe power windows and other power accessories. When the current lead is too heavy. the circuit breaker ripe rm and CIDHL‘H. pruwcling the circuit until the pmhiem it: fixed nr goes await,

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