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Underline-fly Maintenance

Chemicals used for ice and snow removal and dusl control can collect on the underimiy. If these are not removed. accelerated corrosion {msti can occur on the under-body puns such as fuel lines, frame. flour pan, and exhaust system even Though they have corrosion protection.

At least every spring, flush these realerials from the linderlzm'rd}r with plain water. Clean an}r areas where mud and other debris can collect. Dirt packed in closed areas of The frame should he ltxn'an'Jd before being Flushed. Your dealer or an unde rho-d3" vehicle washing system can do this for you.

Chemical Paint Spotting

Some weather and uunospherie conditions can create a chemical fallout. Airhnrne: pollutants can fall uptm and attack painted surfaces on your vehicle. This damage can lake twu forma:hlntchy1 ringlel-shapcd discolomiions. and small irregular dark spots etched into the paint surface.

Although no defect in the paint job causes this. Buick will repair. at no change to the owner, the surfaces of new vehicles damaged by this fallout condition within l2 months or l2.tl{}t} miles (’20 [tilt] km) of purchase. whichever comes first.


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