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NOTICE: If you have aluminum wheels, don‘t not: an

automatic car wash Ihat has hard silicon carbide

cleaning brushes. These brushes can take the pmleellve cooling of!“ your aluminum wheels.

Tires Tn- clean your lirea. use a H’L'ifllhrLlJih wiLh a Line cleaner.

1|i‘i'hen applying a tire dressing always take care to wipe off any overspray or splash from painted surfaces.

Petroleum—based products may damage the paint finish.


Sheet Metal Damage

If your vehicle is damaged and requires sheet metal repair or replacement. make sure the had}.r repair shop appiies anli-cnn’ueion material in [he part5 mpairei'l IJI' replaced to restore corrosion protection.

Finish Damage

Ally atone chips. fractures or deep scratches: in me finish should be repaired right away. Bare metal will corrode quickly and rrlag,r develop inln a major repair expense.

Minor chips and scratches can be repaired with toHCh-up materials available from your dealer or other service outlets. Larger areas. of Iiniah damage can be corrected in your dealer‘s body and paint shop.

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