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Finish Care

Occasional waxing or mild polishing of your Buick by hand may be necessary to remove residue from the paint finish. You can get GM approved cleaning products front your dealer. If See “Appearance Care and Material 5" in [he index.j

Your Buick has a "basecoao'elearcoat" paint finish. The clearcoat gives more depth and gloss to the colored bsseeeat. Always use waxes- and polishes that are non-shrasive and made for a hasecoah’clearcoat paint finish.

NOTICE: Machine compounding or aggressive polishing on

a buseeouh‘cleurwut paint finish may dull the finish or leave swirl marks.

Foreign Jtiaterials such as calciutn chloride and other salts. iee melting agents, road oil and tar1 tree sap, bird droppings. chemicals from industrial chimneys, etc. can damage your vehicle’s finish if they remain on painted surfaces. Wash the vehicle as soon as possible. If necessary. use non-abrasive cleaners ma! are market! safe for painted surfaces to remove foreign multer.

Exterior painted surfaces are subject to aging. weather and chemical Fallout tht can take their toll over a period of years. You can help to keep the paint finish looking new by keeping your Buick garage-cl or covered whenever possible.

Aluminum Wheels (If So Equipped}

Your aluminum wheels ha we a proteclivc coating similar to the painted surface of your ear. Don't use strong soaps, chemicals, chrome polish, ahrusi‘re cleaners or abrasive cleaning brushes on them because you could damage this coating. After rinsing thoroughly. :1 war. may be applied.


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