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And you don‘t have to unhuaklu when you get nut. T1113 lap bah should be wnm as low on the hips as possible. In :1 crash. this applies fume Lu 1m: strung peivic bones. And you‘d be less likely to slidc under the lap beII. If you alid undcr iL lhc bck would apply farce a: your abdomen. This wuld range Herinua fir even fatal injuries. Th: shoulder belt should. gun aver the Shfluldfir and news» 111:: chm-L Thea: parts of [he body are be.“ able to 13kt: bcH mslraining 111112125.

Just gfiL inlu your vchiclc. Then dual: and Incl: the: door. Adjust IJ'LE: stat {in 33:: hnw, we “Seats" in the Index) so you can sit up suaight,

'l'hc safL-ly bcll lacks-1 if there‘s a sudden strap in" a crash,

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