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Cleaning 1Vinyl Use warm water and a clean cloth.

I Rub With a clean. damp cloth to remove dirL You may have to do it more than once.

0 Things like tar, asphait and shoe polish will stain if you don't get them off quickly. Lise a clean cloth and a GM lilinylieather Cleaner or equivalent product.

Cleaning Leather

Use a soft cloth with lukewarm Water and a mild soap or saddle soap.

O For stubborn stains. use a GM VinyULeather Cleaner or equivalent pro-duet.

'- New-r use oils. yamishes. solvent—haaed or abrasive cleaners. furniture polish or shoe polish on leather.

I Soileri leather ahould be cleaned inmtediately. If dirt

is allowed to work into finish. it can harm the lfl-flli'lultl'.

Cleaning the Top of the Instrument Panel

Use only mild soap and water to clean the top surfaces ol’ the inatrmnent panel. Sprays containing silicones or waxes may cause annoying reflections in HM windsifield and even make it difficult to see through the windshield under certain conditions.

Care of Safety Belts Keep belts clean and dry.


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