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Special Cleaning Problems Non-Greasy Stains

Stains L'flllh'dd by cutsup. coffee :hluckl. egg. l'ruil. l'mil juice. milk. ~znll drink. wine, vomit. urine: and blood can Shiins causal by gram-l nil. butler. margarine. shine lfl-L‘ mmnvnd us follnwn:

polish. cuffeu: with til-cum, thawing gum. cusmtztli: creams. vegetable oils. wax Cfilj'fln. tar and asphalt can be rcnim'nd as fulluws:

Greasy or Oily Stains

I Carefully scrape off excess-L slain. then Hpungu lln: milled HIE-'1 wilh L'Ul‘fl wall-3r.

. I Hi: main remains l'nlluw mi: foam-type instructiuns . Br I HCI'FJ canemcssslmn. ' . . ' C efu hi P unscrabcd earner.

i '.1 'I' - . . . . . _ . FDHDW the solvent ”PE m" m“ mm" dumhm 0 ll an odor llngttrh ultcrclcmimg 'L'Ol'l'lll or urine. treat

wr'mr' the area with a wulerfhuking Nada aulution: I O Shne polish, wax crayon. la: and anph all: 1.Il'lll 5min if lcanpnon [5 ml: of baking Snda m | cup {250 ml} of Iefi on a vehicle seat flihric. Thu}: Hhuuld be rcmm-‘Ed lukewarm walur.

an soon as. possible. Be careful. hecausu the ulcannr

_ _ 0 ‘dL’El, E' L" liflhll r'Lh *DlveIu-I ' ecle1n3r. WI" dlswlvc [km and may talkie them In spread. fine" 1 J“ E y “I a. H:

Combination Stains

Stains Causal by candy. ice cre EH11. mayonnaise. chili .‘illflufl and unknown Mains can be removed as fullnwsz

o Carct'ully xcmpe nll'cxcess stain. then clean with can] water und allu 9; It) dry.

0 Ha 5min rL-muinls. claim it with solh’filli-rj'pe cleaner.


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