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Using Foam-Type Cleaner on Fabric

1vi’ticttulri and brush the area to remove any loose dirt.

Always clean a whole trim panel or section. Mask surrounding trim along stitch or well lines.

Mia Mum-Purpose Powdered Cleaner following the directions on the container label.

Use suds only and apply aim a clean sponge, Don‘t saturate the material. Don‘t ruh it rougth.

As soon as you've cleaned the section. use a sponge to remove the suds.

Rinse Ihe Heation with El. clean, wel sponge.

Wipe off what‘s left with a slightly damp paper towel or cloth.

Then dry it immediately with a blow dryer or a heat lamp.


Be careful. A blow dryer may search the fabric.

Wipe with a clean cloth.

Using Snlyent-Type Cleaner on Fabric

FirsL we: it' you have to use solvent-type cleaner at all. Some spots and stains will clean off better with just water and mild soap.

If you need to use a skoeni:

O Gently scrape excess soil from the trim material with a clean. dull knife or scraper. Use very little cleaner. light pressure and clean cloths tpreferably cheesecloth]. Cleaning should start at lhe outside of the stain, "feathering" toward the center. Keep changing to a clean section of Ihe elem.

I When you clean a stain l'rnrn fabric. immediately dry the area with a blow dryer to help prevent a cleaning ring. [See the picyious NUTICEJ


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