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Never use these to: clean your vehicle: Cleaning the Inside [if Yfllll' Buick

. Gasoline Use a vacuum cleaner nften In get rid of dust and lens:

a Benzene dirt. Wipe vinyl or leather with ll clean+ damp cloth.

I Naphlha YuurBuieit dealer has me GM cleaners. a solvent-type . spot lifter and a fea1n~type powdered cleaner. They will

. Cflhm Tetr‘aehlnnde clean nomial spots and stains very well. Do not use

0 Acetone them tin vinyl tir leather.

0 Paint Thinner Here are some cleaning tips:

0 Turpentine ' Always read the instructions (In the cleaner label.

0 Lacquer Thinner I Clean up stains as seen as you can -- before they set.

0 Nail Polish Remover I Use a clean cloth or sponge. and change to a clean

anea often. A soft brush may be used if stains are

They can all be hazardous same mere than uthers --

film "1513' can all damage ytiur vehicle. Lm, stubborn.

I Use solvent-type cleaners in a well—sentilated area

Den tuse any “f mew unless “"5 manual says 3m“ can' only. If you use them. don‘t saturate the stained area.

In many uses. these will damage ynur vehicle: ' Alcohol

Laundry Snap Bleach

l Lf a ring farms after sp-nt cleaning. clean the entire area immediately or it will set.

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