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While the tires available as standard or optional equipment on General Motors vehicles may vary with respect to these grades. all such tires meet General Motors performance: standards and have been approved for use on General Motors vehicles. All passenger type {P Metric) tires must eonlhrrn to Federal safety requirements in addition to these giades.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Balance

The wheels on ycmr vehicle Twere aligned and balanced carefully at the factory to give you die longest tire life and best overall perihrmanoe.

In most cases. you will not need to have your wheels aligned again. However, if you notice unusual lin: wear or your vehicle pulling one way or the other. the alignment may need In be reset. If you notice your vehicle vibrating when driving on a smooth read, your wheels may need to he imbalanced.

Wheel Replacement

Replace any wheel that is bent. cracked. or badly mated or corroded. Il‘wheel nuts keep coming loot-ta, the wheel. wheel bolts. and wheel nuts should be replaced. if the wheel leaks air. replace it [except some aluminum whEEIS. which can sometimes be repaired}. See your Buick dealer if any of these conditions exist.

Your dealer will know Ihr: kind til-whee] you need.

Each new whee] should have the same load can’ying capacity. diameter. width. offset. and be mounted the same way as the one it replaces.

Ifyuu need to replace any ol'ytiur wheels, wheel bolts-t.

or wheel nuts. replace them only with new GM original equipment puts. This way. you will be sure to have the right wheel. wheel bolts. and wheel nuts for your Buick mode].


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