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Q The tire has a bump. bulge or split.

0 The tire has a pnneture, out. or other damage that can't be repaired well because of the size or location of the damage.

Buying New Tire;

To find out what kind and size of tires you need. look at the Tire—1mm; I nfmmetion label.

The tires installed on you vehicle when it was netvI had :1 Tire Performance Criteria Specification {TPC Spec} number on each tire‘s sidewali. When you get new tires, get ones with that same TFC Spec number. That way. your vehicle will continue to have tires that are designed to give proper endurance. handling. speed rating. traction. ride and other things during nouns] service on your vehicle. If your tires have an all-season tread design. the TPC number will be followed by an “MS" (for mud and snow).

If you ever replace your tires with those not having a TPC Spec number. make sure they are the same size. load range, speed rating and oonsimction type (bias. bias-belted or radial] as your original tires.

Uniform Tire Quality Grading

The following information relates to the system developed by the United States Nations] Highway Traffic Safety Administration which grades tires by treadwear. traction and temperature perfonnanoe. [This applies only to vehicles sold in the United States.)


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