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Don‘t include the compact spare tire in your tire When it’s Tim-o for New "fires

rotation. _ flue way In loll when 11‘:

time for new tires is to check the treadweer indicators. which will appear when your tires have only “If: incl: [1.6 mm} or less of tread remaining.

After the tires have been rotated. adjust the front and rear inflation pressures as shown on the Tire-Loading Information label. We certain that all wheel nuts are properly lightened. See "Wheel Nut Torque” in the Index.

You need a new tire if:

I You can see the Indicators at three or more places around the tire.

0 You can see cord or fabric showing through the tire's mhber.

I The need or sidewall is cracked. out or snagged deep enough to show cord or fabric.


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