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When :11 Check Check ynur Lil-us once a. menlh nr more.

Don't forget your compact spare tire. It should be at till psi MED kPaJI.

I-Im-ir to Check

Use a good quality packelvtype gage to cheek tire pressure. Simply looking at the tires will not lell you the pressure, especially if you have radial tires -- which

may lUflk pmperij' inflated even ii'tl'lcy‘n: unrlcrinflalerl.

If your tires have valve caps. he sure to put them back em. They help prevent leaks by keeping put dirt and mnislure.

“fire Inspeelian and Rotation

Tires should be inspected even-j,r film to 8.00” miles. {ll} IJL‘ID to IE! sun km} for any signs of unusual wear. If unusual wear is present. rotate your tires as seen as possible and cheek wheel alignment. Also check for damaged Lires cur wheels. Sec “When it's Time for New

"Fires“ and “Wheel Replacement“ liner in this smlicm for

more infemi alien.

The purpose of regular rotation is to achieve more uniform wear for all lines an the vehicle. The iirsl mmtinn Ls [he mnfil irrlpfiflarit. See "Schfiduied Mai menanee Service s" in the Index fnr scheduled rutatinn intervals.

W'hcn mutating your lines, always use U1: correct rulafion pattern BhfiWll here.


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