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We dtan'l make Lil-cs. Yuurnew vehicle L'JUIUCH wifl'l high quality tires made by El leading tire manufacturer. These tires are warranted by Ll'n: lire manufauturcrfi and their warrmlties are delivered with every new Buick. If your spam: Lin: is. a diITCrenl brand Ihun yuur nmli tires, you will have a tire warranty folder from each of these manufacturers.

4. Remtwe the wire connector frnm the hulh by ilfting the lock tab and pulllng it away from the plastic base.

5. Replace LhL' bulb.

I11. Evens: IhL: pmcetlums lu reinstall the headlamp bulb.

————'—_—_————_—— (3‘2?

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