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What to Add Brake Wear

When you do nwd brake fluid. use truly DDT-3 brake Your Buick has fimm disc brakes and ma: mm brakes. fluid -- such as Deiee Supreme Hm [GM Part No. 1052.535}. Use new brake fluid Emu: a sealed container unly. and Ways clean the brake fluid reservoir cap before removing il.

Disc brake pads have built-in wear indicators the: make a high—pitched warning sound when the brake pads are worn and new pads are needed. The sound may come and girl or be heard all The fime your vehicle is moving [except when you are pushing on the brake pedal

NOTICE: firmly}.

I Dun‘tletsnmwneputin themngkindu-f fluid. For exnmldhjmt a few drape 0f mineral-Medal], such as engine oil, in your brake systun can damage brake eastern parts an badly that they'll have to be melami-

Bralre fluid can damage paint, an be careful not tospfll hflkeflldd eujruurvehiele. If m deans]: itafiimmediately. See “Appearance Care” ln Ihe Index.


Cent'muing In drive with worn-mu brake pads could result In costly brake regain

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