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Windshield Washer Fluid


t to Use _

a When using euneentrated washer lluid. When you “'33" Wind-“hid“ wufih" “UM '33 5'1“? “3' read l'ulluw the man ui'aeturer‘s instruetians fur the manufacturer‘s instructions before use. It'yuu wil] be adding water.

operating your vehicle in an area where the temperature may fall below Freezing. use a fluid that has sufficient pmlecdmi against freezing.

Dim’l mix water with ready-[muse washer fluid. Water can cause the sulutien to freeze and damage year washer fluid tank and T0 Add ether parts [If the washer system. Also,

water doesn‘t clean as wet! as washer fluid. Open 1he can labeled Fill yuur washer fluid tank nuly are full

WASHER FLUID ONLY. Add washer fluid until the tank is full.

when it's Iver}.r eeld. This allows for expansion, which could damage the tank if it is rempletely t'ull.

Dun't use radiatur antifreeze in your windshield washer. It can damage :rnur washer system and paint.

- fi-Zl

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