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Power Steering Fluid

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How To Check Power Steering Fluid

When the engine companment is cool. unscrew me cap and wipe the dipstick with a clean rag. Replace Lhe cap and complemly lighten il. Then rcrnmrc Lho cup again and ionch uL the fluid level (in the dips-stick.

The level should hr: at [he FULL COLD mark. Add enough fluid In bring Ihe level up In The mark.

A fluid lusa in [his system could indiealc :1 problem. Haw: ll'lt: sysicm inspected and repaired.

Iii-20 —— _ __ _

What to Add

Refer to m: Maintenance Schedule to determine what

kind of Fluid to use. See "Recommended Fluids. and Lubricants" in the Index.


When adding power steering fluid or making a

complete fluid change, always use the pmper fluid. Failure to use the proper fluid can cause leaks and damage hoses and seals.

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