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Automatic 'ITransnxle Fluid When to Check and Change

A good time to check your automatic transexlc fluid level is when the engine oil is changed. Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine when to ch lll'lgt: your fluid. See “Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the Index.

How to Check

Because this operation can he a iittle difficult. you may choose to have this done at your Buick dealer Service


If you do it gratin-tell1 be sure to follow all the instructions here. or you could get rt false reading on Ihe dipstick.


The much or too little fluid can damage your Lransaxle. Too much can mean that some of the

fluid could come out and fell on hot engine parts or exhaust system parts, starting I1 fire. Be sure to get an accurate reading if you die-ck your transaxle fluid.

Wait at least 3U minutes before checking The trans-axle Iluitt level it‘ you have been driving:

I When outside temperatures are above 90° F {3290. ' At high speed For quite a while.

D In heavy traffic -- especially in hot weather.

I While pulling a trailer.

To get the right reading. lhe fluid should he at normal operating temperature. which is lSfl°F to 290W {32°C to 93°C}.

Get the vehicle warmed up by driving about 15 miles {24 km} when outside temperatures are above 50°F {NFC}. lt‘it's colder than SUPP 00°C}. you may have to drive ionger.

To check the fluid level

I. Pork your vehicle on a level place. Keep the engine


With Ihe parking brake applied. place lite shift lever

in PARK {P}.

3. With your foot on the brake pedal, move the shift lever through each gear range, pausing for about three seconds in each range. Then. position the chili lever in PARK (Pi.

4-. Let the engine run at idle for three to five minutes. ti—IS


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