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1When to Change Engine Oil

See if any one of these is true For you:

0 Most trips are less than 5 to [El miles [3 to 1-5 ltrnl. This is particularly important when outside

temperatures are below freezing.

I Most trips ineiude extensive idling {such as frequent driving in stop and go traf'fi c}.

0 Most trips are through dusty areas.

a You frequently tow a trailer or use a carrier on top oi YUIJI' CHI.

If any one of these is true for your vehicle. then you need to change your oil and filter every 31100 miles {5 (III km} or 3 months -- whichever comes first.

If none of thorn in one, change the oil and filter every 'i'fillfl miles [12 50!} km} or [2 months -- whichever comes first.

Engine Coolant Heater

An engine coolant heater can he a his help if you have to park outside in very cold weather. DcF l- 18°C} or colder. If your vehicle has this option. see "Engine Coolant Heater" in the Index.

1What to Do with Used lIlllil

Did you know that used engine oil contains certain elements that may he unhealthy for your skin and could even cause cancer? Don't let Lined oil stay on your skin for very long. Clean your skin and nails wilh soap and water. or a good hand cleaner. Wash or properly throw away clothing or raga containing used engine oil. [See the manufacturer's wamings about the use and disposal of oil products.)

Used oil can he a real threat to the envirorunent. if you change your own oil. be sure to drain all Fran—Flowing oil from the filter before disposal. Don't ever dispose of oil by putting it in the trash. pouring it on the ground. into servers. or into streams or bodies of water. Instead. recycle it by taking it to a place that collects used oil. If you have a piohlern properly disposing of your used oil. ask your dealer. 5. service station or a local recycling center for help.


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