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A5 sttflWn in [he chm-l. SHE SW-Efl is best i'or your

““9““!!! 3“ PM “m: m "L5 vehicle. However. you can use SAE ifl'W-Jfl if it‘s geing

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cuntainer show in viscosity. or thickness. Do not use other viscosity eils. such as SAE ZUW—SU.


Use only engine uil with the American Petroleum Institute Certified Fur Gafiuitne Engines

“Starhttrsi” symbol. Failure to use the pmper oil can result in engine damage not revered by your warrant _1.-.

GM Geode-renew oil Lin. Canada. GM Engine on; meets all the requirements. for your vehicle.

Engine- flil Additives

Dmi't add unything tn yuur nil. YnLIr Buick dealer is ready in advise if }'flEJ think enmethine Should be added.

01".! NET If“ 3.“ me- “! .lll' MIER m fill. MIT REEDIHBIJED


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