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When tn Add Oil What Kind of l[lil to Use

if the mi is et (11' bdrm me ADD Line. then you'll need (iii: 01' the proper quality for yuur vehicle can he

in add some oil. But you must use the righL kind. This identified by Invoking fur me “Sterbumt” symbol. The part expiains what kind nt" nit tn use. For crankcase "Sterhumt" symbol indicates that the nil has been capacity. see "Capacities and Speeiiientiunx“ in the certified by the American Petrnieum Institute {APIL and Index. is prel'eJ-red t'nr use in your gasoline engine.


Don’t add too much nil. If yuur engine has an

much nil lhnt the nil level gets above the upper mark that shows the proper operating range. your engine could be damaged.

Juz-zt till it enough In put the level Hflmewhet't: in the pmper operating range. Push the dipstick ail- the way back in when you‘re ti'lntugh.

[t‘ yuu change ynur nwn nit. be sure you use nil that hes the “Stat-burst" xymbn] en the tram nf the oil cnntuiner. If yttu have yttur uil citattpml for you. be sure the flil put into your engine is American Peunieum insntute cettified For glwline cnginen.

You shriuid also my: the pmper viseuxity Hi] I'm ynut' vehicle. as nhnwn in the fnilnwing ehurL:

_ —*_ a 6-1]

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