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or the safety belts!

With safety beJts. you slow down as the vehicle does. You get more time to stop. 1foe stop over more distance.

and your strongest bones take the tomes. That's why safety belts make such good sense.

Here Are Questions Many People Ask About Safety Belts -- and the Answers

Q: A:

Won't I be trapped in the vehicle after an aeeident if I‘m wearing a safety belt?

You could be -- whether you’re weeri Hg :1 safety belt or not. But you can unbuckle :1 safety l'IEIL even if yon*re upside down. And your elmnee of being conscious during and after an aeeident. so you can unbuckle and get out. is much greater if you are belted.

Why don't they just put in air bags so people won’t be are to wear safety belts?

Air hugs are in many vetlicles today and will he in more of them in the future. But the},r are supplemental systems only; so they work with safety belts not instead of them. Every air bag system ever offered for sale has required the use of safety belts. Even if you're in a vehicle that has air bags. you Still have to buckle up to get the most

protection. That's tme not only in frontal collisions. but espeeinJIy in side and other wllisinns.


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